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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Invasive reptiles and amphibians

Author(s) : F. Moutou & P.-P. Pastoret

Summary :

Although they are frequently lumped together, reptiles and amphibians belong to two very different zoological groups. Nevertheless, one fact is clear: while numerous reptile and amphibian species on Earth are in decline, others have taken advantage of trade or human movements to become established in new lands, adopting different, and sometimes unusual, strategies. The authors have taken a few examples from these two zoological groups that illustrate the majority of cases. A brief analysis of the causes and effects of their introductions into new areas reveals connections with economic interests, trade in companion animals, medical research and public health.
African clawed frog – Amphibian – Brown tree snake – Bullfrog – Cane toad – Cuban tree frog – Green iguana – Red-eared slider – Reptile.

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