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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The accidental introduction of invasive animals as hitchhikers through inanimate pathways: a New Zealand perspective

Author(s) : S.J. Toy & M.J. Newfield

Summary :

Hitchhiker organisms have been known since the earliest days of international travel, but changes in global trade mean that there are more now than ever before. They include a number of serious invasive species and are among the most difficult of quarantine problems to manage. Invasive animals transported as hitchhikers, other than plant pests, fall largely outside the international frameworks for biosecurity risk analysis. However, this is not necessarily a barrier to either risk analysis or effective management. While there are a number of challenges in managing hitchhiker organisms, the risk analysis tools that are needed already exist. However, opening up access to appropriate information, increasing international cooperation and developing new biosecurity treatments suitable for large-volume pathways will enable significant improvements.
Biosecurity – Hitchhiker – Inanimate pathway – Invasive animal – New Zealand – Risk analysis.

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