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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Epidemiological surveillance and control of brucellosis in ruminants: the example of the region comprising North Africa and the Near East

Author(s) : A. Benkirane

Summary :

The author reviews the general principles and different strategies recommended for the epidemiological surveillance and control of brucellosis in cattle and small ruminants, with particular reference to the region of North Africa and the Near East. Three strategic options are proposed, the choice of which depends on the real prevalence of the disease, the socio-economic context, the state of advancement of the animal health surveillance system and the policy set by the competent authorities. In heavily infected countries, gradual changeover is recommended from strategy A (systematic vaccination) to strategy B (selective vaccination), and eventually to strategy C (control measures), concurrent with the establishment of an adequate veterinary infrastructure, in particular for epidemiological surveillance and the control of animal movements. The author stresses the relevance for the majority of countries in the region in question of implementing the guidelines drawn up by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization and the Office International des Epizooties to control brucellosis in the Middle East.

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