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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Traceability of Equidae: a population in motion

Author(s) : F.J.H. Sluyter

Summary :

The accelerated speed of animal transport and the existence of complex and intricate movement systems have created an equine population in motion. This ease in the international movement of horses has an impact on the risk of introduction or spread of disease, specifically in relation to competition horses. Facilitating trade in Equidae, whilst simultaneously safeguarding the health status of the receiving country is a major challenge. To date, the international regulatory bodies are prepared to consider movement of registered horses as a relatively ‘low risk’ occurrence and thereby apply the least restrictive measures upon importation or re-entry. However, several outbreaks of contagious disease related to movement of horses have underlined the need to regulate identification of horses, to establish proper sanitary certification and to secure traceability of horse movement.

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