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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

IDEA: a large-scale project on electronic identification of livestock

Author(s) : O. Ribó, C. Korn, U. Meloni, M. Cropper, P. De Winne & M. Cuypers

Summary :

The aim of the IDEA (Identification électronique des animaux) project is to collect information on the feasibility of the introduction into the European Union (EU) of an animal electronic identification system, as referred to in Directive 92/102 and Regulation 1760/2000. The project will run for a period of four years (1998-2001) and will include one million animals in six countries (France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain). The Joint Research Centre, as technical co-ordinator of the project, provides technical support in terms of testing and certification of electronic identification devices, establishment of the central database, transmission and recording of data and evaluation of results.
Identification has been undertaken in cattle, sheep, goats and buffalo using three types of electronic tags (ruminal bolus, ear tag and injectable transponder). The performance of these tags is checked at defined intervals until recovery in the slaughterhouse. The evaluation of the results in terms of the performance of the device and the necessary organisational support structures will lead to recommendations for a system to trace animals from birth to slaughterhouse, including the appropriate technology to be applied in any generalised system for the livestock sector in the EU.

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