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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Regulatory and scientific frameworks for zoonosis control in Japan (…)

Author(s) : H. Takahashi-Omoe & K. Omoe

Summary :

Zoonoses have earned recognition as the source of serious problems for both public and animal health throughout the world. Emerging infectious diseases have been occurring at an unprecedented rate since the 1970s and a large proportion of these diseases are considered zoonotic. To aid in controlling zoonoses, countermeasures have been strengthened against these diseases and are maintained at both national and international levels. A typical example of this international effort can be found in the revised International Health Regulations (2005), known as the IHR (2005), which were instituted by the World Health Organization and have been implemented since 2007. In Japan, the appropriate Ministries have established frameworks for controlling zoonoses that employ both administrative and scientific approaches to fulfill the demands of the IHR (2005). In this paper, the authors present the Japanese framework for controlling zoonoses, as a useful example for global public and animal health management in coming years.
Basic and applied research – Emerging infectious disease – International Health Regulations 2005 – Japan – Laws and regulations – Legislation – Zoonoses.

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