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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Panzootics and the poor: devising a global livestock disease prioritisation framework for poverty alleviation

Author(s) : C. Heffernan

Summary :

Panzootics such as highly pathogenic avian influenza and Rift Valley fever have originated from the South, largely among poor communities. On a global level, approximately two-thirds of those individuals living on less than US$2 per day keep livestock. Consequently, there is a need to better target animal health interventions for poverty reduction using an evidence-based approach. Therefore, the paper offers a three-step prioritisation framework using calculations derived from standard poverty measures: the poverty gap and the head count ratio. Data from 265 poor livestock-keeping households in Kenya informed the study. The results demonstrate that, across a spectrum of producers, the dependence upon particular species varies. Furthermore, the same livestock disease has differing impacts on the depth and severity of poverty. Consequently, animal health interventions need to account for variability in income effects at the species and disease levels.
Eradication – Global – Global animal health – Livestock disease – Livestock keeper – Poor – Poverty – Prioritisation.

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