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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Defining, constructing and assessing learning outcomes

Author(s) : R.M. Taylor

Summary :

Learning outcomes define the veterinary curriculum and inform students about what they must be able to demonstrate to succeed. Stakeholder consultation during their development ensures that programme learning outcomes equip graduates to contribute to the veterinary profession. Effective learning outcomes form a hierarchy linking the programme, its courses and tasks. Clear outcomes direct students towards higher quality learning by indicating the achievements intended, but leave scope for emergent learning outcomes. Defined technical competencies fit within this overarching framework, complementing higher order learning. Mapping is used to align learning outcomes horizontally and vertically so students are systematically guided towards entry-level competence and professional independence.
Assessment – Competency – Constructive curriculum alignment – Curriculum mapping – Grading criteria – Graduate attributes – Intended learning outcomes – Teaching and learning activities – Veterinary education.

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