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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Approaches to defining day-one competency: a framework for learning veterinary skills

Author(s) : P.J.K. Welsh, L.M. Jones, S.A. May, P.R. Nunn, K.D. Whittlestone & M.J. Pead

Summary :

Competency at graduation, in a variety of physical and attitudinal skills, is an essential outcome measure for courses training veterinary surgeons. The approach adopted by the Royal Veterinary College, London, to identify and define the expected skill competencies required of our veterinary undergraduates by the time of graduation is described. In addition, we demonstrate how this skill set was built into a framework that was aligned with other student learning objectives. This two-year project resulted in the publication of a day-one skills handbook, which was introduced to the college staff and students in 2007.
Competency – Competency-based education – Day-one competencies – Day-one skills – Outcomes – Outcome-based education – Quality – Standards – Veterinary curriculum.

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