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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Essential veterinary education in the governance of public Veterinary Services

Author(s) : V. Bellemain & J. Coppalle

Summary :

A comprehensive understanding of the national and international governance of animal health and Veterinary Services must be part of the professional culture of all veterinarians. This includes, in particular, understanding the scope of public (government or national) Veterinary Services within the meaning of the World Organisation for Animal Health standards, the societal importance of the missions of such public Veterinary Services, the history of their structure, and their involvement in animal health, animal welfare, essential protein supply, etc. The quality standards of a national Veterinary Service must be placed within the context of the actual situation in a specific country. Knowing the key elements of international governance implies studying the new global context of animal health services, the international organisations competent to supervise them, and the legal and economic aspects of this arena. In addition, special training is recommended for veterinarians recruited by public Veterinary Services.
Animal health – Curriculum – Food safety – Governance – Government Veterinary Services – International public good – National Veterinary Services – Public Veterinary Services – Training – Veterinary Services.

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