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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Essential education in communication skills and cultural sensitivities for global public health in an evolving veterinary world

Author(s) : S.M. Kurtz & C.L. Adams

Summary :

In the practise of veterinary medicine and global public health, communication skill is as critical as clinical reasoning and an extensive knowledge base. Effective communication skills and cross-cultural sensitivity are essential across the board for interdisciplinary, international, and local veterinary medicine. This paper offers an evidence-based, three-part framework for developing and sustaining curricula that enhance communication skills and cross-cultural sensitivity so that students are better prepared to practise veterinary medicine in an evolving world. These curricula may well also serve as a conduit for encouraging more veterinary graduates to choose global public health as a career path.
Communication – Culture – Curriculum – Global animal health – One health – Relationship-centred care – Veterinary medical education.

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