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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Essential veterinary education in the virology of domestic animals, wild animals and birds: diagnosis and pathogenesis of viral infections

Author(s) : C.R. Wilks & S.G. Fenwick

Summary :

An education in veterinary virology should establish a basis for life-long learning and enable veterinary graduates to address professionally the control and eradication of viral diseases, both locally and globally. It is therefore more important that the curriculum focuses on a sound understanding of the nature and behaviour of viruses and their interactions with animal hosts, rather than imparting detailed information on an ever-increasing number of individual viral diseases in a widening range of animal species. Graduate veterinarians should be prepared with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of viruses and their close dependence on the hosts that they infect, as well as a good understanding of pathogenesis, immunology, epidemiology, diagnostic approaches and control options. All these are necessary if the profession is successfully to meet familiar and new challenges in viral diseases in a wide range of host species, under different management conditions, in various geographic areas of the world.
Curriculum – Diagnosis – Epidemiology – Immunology – Pathogenesis – Replication – Taxonomy – Transmission – Vaccination – Virology.

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