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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

One World – One Medicine – One Health: emerging veterinary challenges and opportunities

Author(s) : B. Osburn, C. Scott & P. Gibbs

Summary :

The interdependence of humans, animals, and their environment has never been more important than now. The most prominent issues putting pressure on global health today include the dramatic emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases, contamination of food, water and soil, bioterrorist events, and degradation of resources and habitats. Current global health challenges have prompted a call for more holistic, collaborative, action-oriented approaches toward the goal of logical and practical solutions. Veterinarians have pivotal obligations, opportunities, and contributions to make in enhancing public health, recognising and responding to zoonotic disease transmission, maintaining food and water quality, and promoting wildlife and ecosystem health.
Global health – One health – One medicine.

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