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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The new institutional economics of privatising veterinary services in Africa

Author(s) : D.K. Leonard, L.M.P.K. Koma, C. Ly & P.S.A. Woods

Summary :

The authors review a number of critical issues in the structural reform of animal health services for both small and non-commercial livestock producers in Africa and highlight several problems that others concerned with the privatisation of this service area have tended to neglect. Most notably, attention is called to the following: a) the need to retain a central role for paraprofessionals in the new delivery system b) the important and problematic relationship between the veterinary and paraveterinary professions c) the importance of developing state contracting procedures for assisting the private delivery of animal health services that will avoid the problems of local monopoly d) the central role that professionalism will have to play in this area, if collective goods and the public interest are to be served.
Africa – Competition – Economics – Paraprofessionals – Privatisation – Professionalism – Veterinary services.

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