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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The economic evaluation of control and eradication of epidemic livestock diseases

Author(s) : H.S. Horst, C.J. de Vos, F.H.M. Tomassen & J. Stelwagen

Summary :

Many countries have implemented strategies to control and eradicate epidemic diseases. These strategies are usually based on either stamping-out or routine vaccination, sometimes complemented by emergency vaccination. The authors describe these strategies, using examples to illustrate each one. The economic evaluation of control and eradication of epidemic diseases is a complex matter. The authors provide further insight into this area by describing the various elements involved in both the ‘non-outbreak periods’ and the ‘outbreak periods’. In addition, a system of categorisation of the direct costs and consequential losses is suggested for the calculation of costs and losses incurred by outbreaks. The economic impact of epidemic diseases on farmers and the livestock sector as a whole differs; these differences may be influenced by the control and eradication strategies applied.
Animal diseases Control Economics Epidemics Eradication Notifiable diseases Office International des Epizooties.

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