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Author(s) : J. Blancou

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One of the principal objectives of the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) is to keep all Member Countries informed of the latest methods to control diseases of animals. Economics is one of the essential components of animal disease control.
Economics plays an important role in everyday life, as individual choices are constantly made on the investment of personal resources, particularly cash, capital and time. Surprisingly, although economic criteria are regularly used in such decisions, or in many other decisions related to industry or trade, there is often some hesitation before economics are taken into account in decisions concerning investment in animal health programmes. In these programmes, preference is usually given to the use of biological criteria of efficacy and expected outcomes that we, as veterinarians, are more accustomed to and familiar with from our education and experience. However, the challenge for the future is to develop an appropriate balance between the biophysical and economic criteria in rational decision-making.

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