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Product title :

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in South Asian countries

Author(s) : M.-U. Khan, I. Rashid, H. Akbar, S. Islam, F. Riaz, H. Nabi, K. Ashraf & L.D. Singla

Summary :

Toxoplasmosis, a cosmopolitan zoonosis, is caused by an apicomplexan, obligate, intracellular protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. Nearly all animals, including humans, are at risk owing to its broad geographical distribution. The authors searched published data related to T. gondii in databases, including Google Scholar, PubMed and Science Direct for South Asian countries, and retrieved a total of 113 articles fulfilling the criterion of seroprevalence investigation. Toxoplasma gondii infection in livestock and humans was investigated using various serological tests. In these studies, a total of 14,431 samples from domestic animals and 53,899 samples from humans were screened for anti-T. gondii antibodies in all South Asian countries.

India – Pakistan – Seroprevalence – South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation – Toxoplasma gondii – Toxoplasmosis.

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