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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Contamination of broiler turkey farms by Salmonella spp. in Morocco: prevalence, antimicrobial resistance and associated risk factors

Author(s) : A. El Allaoui, F. Rhazi Filali, N. Ameur & B. Bouchrif

Summary :

The authors present a study that estimates the prevalence, sensitivity to antibiotics and distribution of Salmonella spp. serotypes in 20 broiler turkey farm buildings in the north-west of Morocco. Each farm was inspected three times for this purpose; one batch of ten pools of five droppings per farm was sampled on each visit (n = 600) for analysis. The high isolation rate observed for Salmonella spp. (35%) and the serotypes isolated were alarming. The authors found 62 Salmonella-positive isolates and identified nine serotypes: S. Kentucky (21 isolates, 33.8%), S. Parkroyal (10 isolates, 16.3%), S. Agona (7 isolates, 11.3%), S. Saintpaul (6 isolates, 9.6%), S. Typhimurium (5 isolates, 8%), S. Enteritidis and S. Heidelberg (4 isolates each, 6.4%), S. Newport (3 isolates, 4.8%) and S. Ruzizi (2 isolates, 3.2%). The Salmonella spp. antimicrobial resistance results showed that 93.5% (58/62) of the strains were resistant to at least one antibiotic.


Antibiotic – Antimicrobial resistance – Broiler turkey – Contamination – Farming – Khemisset – Morocco – Risk factor – Salmonella.

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