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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Current status and challenges for globalisation of veterinary medical education for the ‘One Health’ programme

Author(s) : M. Abdus Samad

Summary :

A global review of veterinary medical education (VME) programmes shows that, of 194 countries, 111 (57%) have 597 veterinary medical academic institutions (VMAIs) with 15 different names, which offer veterinary degrees with 54 different titles. The highest number of universities (n = 148; 25%), in 27 (14%) countries, award a veterinary medical degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine [DVM]), followed by the science degree (Bachelor of Veterinary Science [BVSc]) awarded by 28 (5%) universities in 9 (5%) countries. In addition to three original Universities of Veterinary Medicine, 23 veterinary-related universities have been established with titles such as ‘Veterinary, Animal and Fishery Sciences’, which do not reflect the VME programmes. The award of Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees in Animal Husbandry (AH), Poultry Science and Dairy Technology created confusion and increased competition with veterinary graduates for positions in the dairy and poultry industries. Some countries, including Japan and Australia, have changed from the British single degree system to the American dual degree system.

Biomedical science – Dual degree – Medical degree – Nomenclature of institutions and degrees – One Health – Science degree – University ranking – Veterinary education.

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