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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Sustainability and economic investments in animal health systems

Author(s) : J. Rushton & D. Jones

Summary :

The paper outlines a framework for shaping and prioritising improvements to investments in animal health systems in order to improve their sustainability. The framework includes financial inputs that can be separated between core investments and day-to-day expenditures. The latter financial inputs should differentiate between avoiding losses in production and reducing wider societal impacts such as negative implications for trade and the environment. Overall the framework provides information on the financial costs of the animal health system and the animal health outcomes that, if collected over time, will allow the efficiency of resource use across the system to be measured. It discusses an application of the framework using existing data, which highlighted problems with measuring and costing veterinary inputs, and with quantifying the range of outputs and the impact of veterinary activities. The paper recommends that the framework proposed is reviewed and compared with work that has been carried out on the human health accounting systems. A true application of the framework will require data sets that can differentiate between public-sector, private-sector and non-governmental organisation investments and the cost of day-to-day animal health goods and services paid by animal owners.

Animal health systems – Economics – Investment – Veterinary Services.

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