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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Response of developing countries to biological threats: the case of the Republic of Haiti

Author(s) : M. Millien

Summary :

In spite of scientific progress, the world is still facing major biological threats. Not only are there epidemics caused by wildlife pathogens under natural conditions, there are also those caused accidently when researchers handle highly hazardous organisms stored in research laboratories, and those caused when countries use these organisms as biological weapons of war or when criminal groups use them for bioterrorism. Developing countries tend to be more vulnerable to such threats than developed countries owing to the poor resilience of their animal health systems, their advanced state of environmental degradation, their socio-economic fragility and their political instability. The occurrence of emerging and re-emerging diseases (avian influenza, Ebola virus disease) has caused deep concern around the world in recent years and has shown how important it is for countries to strengthen the organisation of their Veterinary Services. The Republic of Haiti is one of the developing countries with the most acute biophysical vulnerability.


Animal disease – Animal health system – Biological threat – Bioterrorism – Developing country – Haiti – International standards – Resilience – Veterinary Services – World Organisation for Animal Health.

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