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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Preparedness activities and research needs in addressing emerging infectious animal and zoonotic diseases

Author(s) : S. Cardoen, K. De Clercq, L. Vanholme, P. De Winter, E. Thiry & X. Van Huffel

Summary :

Emerging infectious animal and zoonotic diseases can inflict significant losses on animal production and public health, and threaten the safety and security of the food system. Threat analysis (forecasting), which monitors the measurable risk indicators of disease emergence, should be in place before the emergence of any threat. Animal and public health authorities develop and regularly re-evaluate disease preparedness, response and recovery plans, based on the ‘One Health’ principle. These plans should include surveillance, biosecurity measures, communication channels and training for personnel. Scenarios for outbreaks of natural emerging infectious disease or bioterrorist events should be prepared and practised. National and international legislation should be regularly updated to provide a robust legal basis to manage outbreaks. Reference laboratories should have reliable and validated diagnostic tools for rapid, high-throughput testing. Strict biosafety, biocontainment and biosecurity control measures must be implemented in laboratories in order to prevent the accidental or malicious release of pathogens.


Accidental emergence – Deliberate introduction – Emerging animal disease – Natural emergence – Preparedness – Research – Zoonotic disease.

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