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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Technologies for capturing and analysing animal health data in near real time

Author(s) : L.K. Holmstrom & T.R. Beckham

Summary :

Information technologies are rapidly advancing the way in which animal health data and information are collected, analysed and shared in order to support animal health management, disease surveillance and response, and decision-making. However, the full potential of these technologies for early detection and response to natural or intentional disease events has not been fully realised in animal health at the global level. This paper discusses advances made in these technologies and examples of how they have been applied in animal health for near real-time data collection and analysis. The technologies reviewed include: i) mobile health (mHealth) technologies, wireless sensors and biosensors for remote data collection; ii)  crowdsourced and Internet-based data collection; and iii) electronic health (eHealth) technologies for data integration and analysis. Experiences of implementing these technologies, and challenges with their use, are also discussed so as to provide recommendations on their future application in animal health. The world is ripe with opportunities to develop and enhance mHealth and eHealth technologies that are cost effective and capable of near real-time data collection and analysis.

Animal disease detection – Automated data analysis – Electronic health technologies – Information technology – Mobile health technologies – Real-time data collection – Surveillance.

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