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Linking animal diseases and social instability

Author(s) : J. Lubroth, A. El Idrissi, L. Myers, M. Hasibra, P. Black & D. Burgeon

Summary :

Social instability occurs as a consequence of war, civil strife or natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and droughts. Animal diseases, including zoonoses, can be both a precursor to social instability and a result of social instability. Coping mechanisms, such as sound policies, trust in government, and robust infrastructure break down at times of civil instability. Such breakdowns often lead to a decline in both public health and the food and agricultural livestock base, thus creating a vicious cycle that involves inadequate nutrition, threatened livelihoods, and fewer opportunities for safe trade. This article is principally a discussion of a theoretical nature on the dynamics between animal diseases and social instability. Based on their experience of working for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the authors provide numerous examples of the connection between the two, mostly in countries that have fragile environments and are experiencing protracted crises.

Animal disease – Avian influenza – Ebola – Emergency – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – Foot and mouth disease – Resilience – Social instability – Social stability – Transboundary disease – Zoonosis.

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