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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Emerging infectious disease risk: shared drivers with environmental change

Author(s) : C. Machalaba & W.B. Karesh

Summary :

Outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) seemingly appear without warning, severely exacerbating public and animal health burdens and spreading across borders. Since 1940, the rate of infectious disease emergence events has risen. Given the considerable economic and other societal costs associated with EIDs, understanding the specific drivers of these diseases and developing concrete measures to prevent and mitigate their spread is urgently needed in both health security and sustainable development discussions. Human modification of the environment serves as an underlying driver in EID risk: environmental change thus warrants consideration in surveillance and outbreak investigations to identify the origin of the disease and contribute to the development of effective actions to prevent, prepare for or reduce the risk of future events. Coordinated approaches to address the underlying and, in some cases, overlapping causes of both disease emergence and global environmental change may yield benefits for sustainable and healthy solutions to meet or reshape the demands of a growing global population and contribute to global health security.


Disease emergence – Drivers – Emerging infectious disease – Environment – Global health security – Risk – Risk reduction.

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