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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Innovations in food preservation in pastoral zones

Author(s) : C. Jans, D.W. Mulwa Kaindi & L. Meile

Summary :

Food preservation makes a significant contribution to food security and food safety in pastoral communities with limited access to external food sources. Raw materials are preserved by heating, drying, smoking, pickling, salting, curing or fermentation with microorganisms. This article describes preservation techniques in the pastoral context, targeting the major dietary components of milk, meat and cereals; related health risks; and potential innovations for food preservation. Sustainable elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, preventing re-contamination, sporulation and the growth of zoonotic and foodborne microorganisms, is necessary to enhance food safety and ensure food security by reducing post-harvest losses and food waste. However, modern preservation procedures are difficult to adapt to the lifestyles of pastoralists and so are rarely implemented or accepted.

Drying – Fermentation – Food safety – Food security – Hurdle principle – Lactic acid bacteria – Pastoralism – Starter culture.

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