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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Targeted social protection in a pastoralist economy: case study from Kenya

Author(s) : S.A. Janzen, N.D. Jensen & A.G. Mude

Summary :

Social protection programmes are designed to help vulnerable populations – including pastoralists – maintain a basic level of well-being, manage risk, and cope with negative shocks. Theory suggests that differential targeting according to poverty status can increase the reach and effectiveness of budgeted social protection programmes. Chronically poor households benefit most from social protection designed to help them meet their basic needs and make vital investments necessary to graduate from poverty. Vulnerable non-destitute households benefit from protection against costly temporary shocks, but do not necessarily need regular assistance. Welfare gains occur when a comprehensive social protection programme considers the needs of both types of households.

Cash transfer – Insurance – Pastoralism – Poverty dynamics – Poverty trap – Risk – Social protection.

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