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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Enhancing the economic viability of pastoralism: the need to balance interventions

Author(s) : H. Rueff & I. Rahim

Summary :

Extensive mobile pastoral systems do not follow conventional marketing optimisation models, since they must deal with the factors of mobility, erratic environments, dependency on natural resources, seasonality, and distance to markets. While pastoralist systems contribute substantially to national economies, government investment to support pastoralism remains limited or non-existent. Pastoralists are becoming increasingly integrated into larger market systems and therefore need investment and specially adapted policies to supply a growing demand for livestock products and to support their livelihoods. In this paper, the authors show that investment and technology can support and empower pastoralist marketing strategies in supplying higher-value and more stable livestock products. Furthermore, the authors demonstrate that pastoralists also supply services, broadening the marketing landscape within which they operate to include more players and trading options.


Food systems – Information and communication technology – Livestock products value chain – Markets – Pastoral system economies – Pastoralism – Payment schemes – Scarce natural resources.

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