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Product title :

Institutional development: from legal pluralism to institutional bricolage in West African pastoralism

Author(s) : G. Fokou & B. Bonfoh

Summary :

Pastoralists in Africa are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of globalisation, climate change and changes in land use. They are confronted with problems related to access to scarce natural resources and their regulation, the management of mobility, and too little investment in health systems, livestock production and social service delivery. However, this paper focuses on positive trends and vital innovations in pastoral societies. These rely on robust institutions and policy frameworks that contribute to economically secure, politically stable, and environmentally sustainable livelihoods for African pastoral societies. The authors analyse ways in which internal and external efforts can improve the economic viability and social aspects of pastoralism. The institutions that manage natural resources and their effects on livelihoods and access to social services must be critically reviewed. The authors suggest that a new model for the economic and social development of African pastoralism should be positioned between donor- or government-driven development (in other words, ‘seeing like a state’) and the autonomous development goals of pastoralists (‘seeing like a pastoralist’).

Africa – Institutional bricolage – Legal pluralism – Mobile pastoralism – Pastoralism – Power relationship.

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