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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Ecology, mobility and labour: dynamic pastoral herd management in an uncertain world

Author(s) : B. Butt

Summary :

In this review, the author discusses how pastoralism, and its many constituent components, is increasingly being recognised as in tune with the changing political and ecological nature of rangelands. He describes ways in which the literature reflects this changing attitude, outlines how rangelands respond to changes in climate and explores the evolving use of livestock resources. In addition, he describes the growing recognition of factors other than livestock density that affect rangeland vegetation (i.e. density-independent relationships). The author explains how terms such as ‘carrying capacity’, ‘overgrazing’ and ‘desertification’ are often taken out of their social and political context when describing rangeland pastoralism. Next, he describes the growing recognition by the development community of the importance of the mobility model, particularly in relation to changing ecologies and politics. Finally, he outlines how labour, a central focus of pastoral herd management, is a fluid component of pastoral systems in response to changing political and ecological circumstances.

Degradation – Environment – Labour – Non-equilibrium ecology – Pastoral mobility – Pastoralism – Politics.

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