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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Diversity in livestock resources in pastoral systems in Africa

Author(s) : B.A. Kaufmann, M.A. Lelea & C.G. Hülsebusch

Summary :

Pastoral systems are important producers and repositories of livestock diversity. Pastoralists use variability in their livestock resources to manage high levels of environmental variability in economically advantageous ways. In pastoral systems, human–animal–environment interactions are the basis of production and the key to higher productivity and efficiency. In other words, pastoralists manage a production system that exploits variability and keeps production costs low. When differentiating, characterising and evaluating pastoral breeds, this context-specific, functional dimension of diversity in livestock resources needs to be considered. The interaction of animals with their environment is determined not only by morphological and physiological traits but also by experience and socially learned behaviour.

Animal – Breeding management – Characterisation – Contextual importance – Differentiation – Drylands – Environment interaction – Evaluation – Livestock resources – Local breeds – Molecular technologies – Pastoralism – Social–ecological system – Within-breed diversity.

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