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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The role of pastoralism in regulating ecosystem services

Author(s) : M.A. Seid, N.J. Kuhn & T.Z. Fikre

Summary :

Pastoralism is rarely viewed as a major future form of land use, because of well-documented cases of rangeland degradation, attributed to irrational overstocking by pastoralists, and the subsequent losses of ecosystem services. However, pastoralists were actually encouraged to settle and adopt such strategies, copied from rangelands with higher and more reliable rainfall. This curtailed mobility resulted in a shift from opportunistic and extensive land use to more intensive and settled forms of use. The purpose of this review is to examine the link between pastoralism and the provision of ecosystem services by rangelands, focusing on biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration. Pastoralists employ several techniques to manage rangeland resources, including mobility, herding, corralling, grazing reserves and the use of fire.

Biodiversity – Carbon – Carbon sequestration – Climate change mitigation – Ecosystem services – Habitat conservation – Indigenous knowledge – Pastoralism – Rangeland biodiversity – Rangelands – Traditional practices.

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