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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Towards sustainability in the extensive and intensive livestock sectors

Author(s) : M. Niamir-Fuller

Summary :

An increase in both human population and economic growth has been accompanied by rising per capita demand for animal products. The livestock industry is under pressure to meet this demand, but its current patterns of production are not environmentally sustainable, causing negative health impacts on humans and raising welfare concerns for animals. With little regulation of the intensive livestock sector in most countries, animal products are available at cheaper prices on consumer markets, undercutting more sustainable production systems, such as those used by pastoralists and organic farmers. Other beneficial aspects of sustainable intensification and sustainable pastoralism should also be taken into account. However, it is unclear whether moving towards sustainable animal husbandry (both intensive and extensive) will meet the projected demand from nine billion people in 2030, unless attention is also paid to fairer and more responsible consumption.


Animal welfare – Biodiversity – Climate change – Common property tenure – Consumption – Fair trade – Green economy – Grey water – Health – Intensive livestock sector – Investment – Land degradation – Livestock – Mobility – Nutrition – Pastoralism – Pollution – Sustainability – Transhumance – Zoonosis.

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