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The genetic population structure of Mycobacterium bovis strains isolated from cattle slaughtered at the Yaoundé and Douala abattoirs in Cameroon

Author(s) : F. Koro Koro, A.F. Ngatchou, J.L. Portal, C. Gutierrez, F.-X. Etoa & S.I. Eyangoh

Summary :

Bovine tuberculosis is still prevalent and under-evaluated in cattle destined for human consumption in Cameroon. Potential reservoirs of the disease include livestock imported from countries endemic for bovine tuberculosis, such as Nigeria and Chad, and potential residual reservoirs in local livestock and wildlife. Few studies have been done in Cameroon to genotype the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC) strains responsible for bovine tuberculosis. The aim of this work is to describe the population structure of MTC strains isolated from cattle, using spoligotyping as the genotyping method. Out of 218 organs or tissues from cattle with suspected tuberculosis lesions, 90 MTC strains were isolated and underwent molecular typing; among them, 86 strains were identified as M. bovis and four strains as M. tuberculosis. The M. tuberculosis strains belonged to rare M. tuberculosis lineages of the U family; among the M. bovis strains SB0944 was the most prevalent. Eight new spoligotype patterns were identified, representing 33% (30/90) of all isolates.

Bovine tuberculosis – Cattle – Lineage – Mycobacterium bovisMycobacterium tuberculosis – Spoligotyping.

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