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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Implementation of an HACCP model in foot and mouth disease control programmes

Author(s) : C.J. van Gelderen, M. Durrieu & A.A. Schudel

Summary :

The organisation and structure of the official Veterinary Services (OVS) are designed to meet a specific aim – the health certification of animal health, welfare and food safety in the production and processing stage. Disease prevention and control calls for programmes and projects that, depending on the characteristics of each disease, may involve any branch of the OVS, from the laboratory to field activities. For the purpose of this work, the model used is that of a country that is ‘free from foot and mouth disease with vaccination’ in accordance with the conditions stipulated in Chapter 8.8. of the World Organisation for Animal Health Terrestrial Animal Health Code. These conditions state that, to maintain this health status, a programme of monitoring and continuous control of the relevant variables must be implemented. This is achieved by applying good practice and identifying the critical control points in all processes, using a checklist that simplifies the task. The system that is developed can also serve as a guide for internal or external programme audits.

Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) – Good practice – Disease control – Foot and mouth disease – Vaccination.

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