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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The spread of non-OIE-listed avian diseases through international trade of chicken meat: an assessment of the risks to New Zealand

Author(s) : S.P. Cobb & H. Smith

Summary :

Twelve avian diseases are listed by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), although more than 100 infectious diseases have been described in commercial poultry. This article summarises a recent assessment of the biosecurity risks posed by non-listed avian diseases associated with imports of chilled or frozen chicken meat and meat products into New Zealand. Following the guidelines described in Chapter 2.1 of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code, avian adenovirus splenomegaly virus, avian paramyxovirus-2 (APMV 2), Bordetella avium, Mycoplasma spp., Ureaplasma spp., Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale, Riemerella anatipestifer, and Salmonella arizonae have been identified as hazards.

Avian disease – Biosecurity – Chicken meat – Import risk analysis – International trade – New Zealand – Paramyxovirus – Poultry – Salmonella arizonae.

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