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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Importance of foot and mouth disease vaccine purity in interpreting serological surveys

Author(s) : E. Smitsaart, et al.

Summary :

The aim of this study was to determine whether the degree of purity achieved in conventional vaccines against the foot and mouth disease virus in Argentina interferes with the interpretation of seroepidemiological surveys for confirming the absence of viral activity, which are performed to support the recognition of free zones practising vaccination. The evaluation of 168 vaccine series due to be marketed in Argentina (2006–2012) and subjected to official control testing in cattle, as well as repeated vaccination of cattle and other species using vaccines with high antigen concentrations, demonstrated that they did not induce antibodies to non-structural proteins (NSPs). The results show clearly that vaccines with satisfactory potency do not induce a response to NSPs, even by forcing the immune response through more concentrated doses with multiple valences and revaccination protocols at shorter intervals than in vaccination campaigns.

Animal disease status – Argentina – DIVA vaccine – Foot and mouth disease – Non-structural protein – Purified vaccine – Serological survey – Vaccine – Viral activity.

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