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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Veterinary public health in India: current status and future needs

Author(s) : S. Ghatak & B.B. Singh

Summary :

Veterinary public health (VPH) assumes huge significance in developing countries such as India. However, the implementation of VPH services throughout the country is still in its infancy. From 1970 onwards, many institutes, national and international organisations, professional societies, policies and personalities have contributed towards the development of VPH in India. Nevertheless, there is an urgent need to develop VPH still further as there are many issues, such as high population density, the re-emergence of zoonotic pathogens, environmental pollution and antimicrobial resistance, that require attention. The time has surely come to involve all stakeholders, ranging from primary producers (e.g. farmers) to policy-makers, so as to garner support for the holistic implementation of VPH services in India. To improve VPH activities and services, science-based policies enforced through stringent regulation are required to improve human, animal and environmental health. The emergence of the ‘One Health’ concept has ushered in new hopes for the resurrection of VPH in India.

Current status – Developing country – Future needs – India – One Health – Veterinary public health.

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