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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Other vector-borne parasitic diseases: animal helminthiases, bovine besnoitiosis and malaria

Author(s) : G. Duvallet & P. Boireau

Summary :

The parasitic diseases discussed elsewhere in this issue of the Scientific and Technical Review are not the only ones to make use of biological vectors (such as mosquitoes or ticks) or mechanical vectors (such as horse flies or Stomoxys flies). The authors discuss two major groups of vector-borne parasitic diseases: firstly, helminthiasis, along with animal filariasis and onchocerciasis, which are parasitic diseases that often take a heavy toll on artiodactyls throughout the world; secondly, parasitic diseases caused by vector-borne protists, foremost of which is bovine besnoitiosis (or anasarca of cattle), which has recently spread through Europe by a dual mode of transmission (direct and by vector). Other protists, such as Plasmodium and Hepatozoon, are also described briefly.

Besnoitiosis – Filariasis – Helminthiasis – Malaria – Onchocerciasis – Vector.

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