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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Dengue and other flavivirus infections

Author(s) : V. Choumet & Ph. Desprès

Summary :

Flaviviruses are responsible for yellow fever, Zika fever and dengue, all of which are major human diseases found in tropical regions of the globe. They are zoonoses with a transmission cycle that involves primates as reservoirs and mosquitoes of the genus Aedes as vectors. The recent upsurge of urban epidemics of yellow fever, Zika fever and dengue has involved human-to-human transmission with mosquitoes as the vector. This paper is primarily concerned with dengue, which has become the pre-eminent arbovirosis in terms of public health.


Arbovirus – Dengue – Flavivirus – Vaccines – Vector transmission – Virus diagnosis – Yellow fever – Zika fever.

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