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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

West Nile virus

Author(s) : D.S McVey, W.C. Wilson & C.G. Gay

Summary :

This review covers the basic biology of the West Nile virus and the host–vector–pathogen interactions that result in significant disease in wild birds, horses and humans. The review describes the basic properties of the virus, cellular infection and the pathogenesis of the disease, and the ecology of virus maintenance, amplification and transmission. Disease epidemiology and risk estimation strategies that are currently in use are also examined, and host immune responses and vaccination practices described. The principles of vector control, exposure control and long-term risks caused by climatic and habitat factors are also included.


Arbovirus – Avian – Emerging disease – Encephalitis – Equine – Mosquito – Vaccine – West Nile virus – Zoonosis.

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