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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Zoonotic and emerging orbivirus infections

Author(s) : H. Attoui & F. Mohd Jaafar

Summary :

Many novel emerging orbiviruses have been isolated in the past 15 years. Important viruses include Peruvian horse sickness virus (PHSV) and Yunnan orbivirus (YUOV), pathogens of equids which were originally isolated almost simultaneously from 1997 to 1999 in the People’s Republic of China, Australia and Peru. YUOV has also been isolated from cattle, sheep and a dog. The isolation of YUOV from a dog is not the first case of an orbivirus being isolated from a carnivore. Bluetongue virus and African horse sickness virus were earlier detected in carnivores which fed on contaminated meat. PHSV and YUOV both offer an opportunity to study the emergence of a single pathogen in geographically distant locations, although the original point of emergence is still unidentified.

Changuinola virusCorriparta virusEquine encephalosis virusKemerovo virusOrbivirusOrungo virusPeruvian horse sickness virusYunnan orbivirus – Zoonotic orbivirus.

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