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Contribution to the study of staphylococcus contamination of cows’ milk on a number of farms in Algiers: its impact on human health

Author(s) : M. Hamiroune, A. Berber & S. Boubekeur

Summary :

No. 28102014-00051-FR

The authors describe a survey and screening programme for staphylococcus. The study covers 14 dairy farms in the Algiers region, from which 203 samples of cows’ milk were taken for bacteriological testing. The survey results show that poor husbandry conditions are the main cause of staphylococcus in cows’ milk. Staphylococcus was found in the milk of 30% of the cows sampled.


Algeria – Bacteriological testing – Coagulase-negative – Coagulase-positive – Milk – Prevalence – Public health – Staphylococcus.

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