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Investigation of an outbreak of infectious pustular balanoposthitis in cattle breeding bulls at a frozen semen bank

Author(s) : A.B. Pandey, S. Nandi, A.K. Tiwari, S.D. Audarya, K. Sharma, S.K. Pradhan & R.S. Chauhan

Summary :

No. 20102014-00047-EN

Infectious pustular balanoposthitis (IPB) is one of the reproductive disorders caused by bovine herpesvirus 1 (BoHV1) that can be transmitted through artificial insemination. A herd of 63 breeding bulls at a frozen semen bank in Odisha state in India experienced a suspected outbreak of IPB, with 11 bulls showing clinical signs of the infection. Clinical signs were noticed in two bulls initially and a few days after in the other nine animals. Serum samples from 53 bulls were examined for anti-BoHV1 antibodies using a virus neutralisation test (VNT) and a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (cELISA); the remaining ten bulls were not included in the study because it was difficult to restrain them at that time. Paired serum samples were collected 21 days apart from ten clinically affected bulls (the eleventh clinically affected bull was not included in the study for the reason stated above).

Artificial insemination – Bovine herpesvirus 1 – Cattle – Competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay – India – Infectious pustular balanoposthitis outbreak – Polymerase chain reaction – Virus neutralisation test.

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