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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Antiviral chemotherapy in veterinary medicine: current applications and perspectives

Author(s) : F. Dal Pozzo & E. Thiry

Summary :

No. 03022014-00026-EN

The current situation in the use of antiviral drugs in veterinary medicine is characterised by a novel and optimistic approach. Viruses of veterinary importance are still used as animal models in the development of human therapeutics, but there is growing interest in many of these viruses in the identification of antiviral molecules for use in both livestock and companion animals. The use of antiviral drugs in livestock animals is envisaged for the treatment or control of disease on a large scale (mass treatment), whereas in companion animals an individual approach is favoured. An overview of the most recent examples of research in the use of antivirals in veterinary medicine is presented, with particular emphasis on their in vivo applications.


Animal model – Antiviral therapy – Chemotherapy – Companion animal – Disease control – Drug – Immunomodulator – Livestock animal – Veterinary medicine.

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