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Excerpt of product info
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The scientific rationale for the World Organisation for Animal Health standards and recommendations on avian influenza

Author(s) : J. Pasick & S. Kahn

Summary :

No. 09102014-00045-EN

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) prescribes standards for the diagnosis and control of avian influenza, as well as health measures for safe trade in birds and avian products, which are based on up-to-date scientific information and risk management principles, consistent with the role of the OIE as a reference standard-setting body for the World Trade Organization (WTO). These standards and recommendations continue to evolve, reflecting advances in technology and scientific understanding of this important zoonotic disease. The avian influenza viruses form part of the natural ecosystem by virtue of their ubiquitous presence in wild aquatic birds, a fact that human intervention cannot change.

Avian influenza – Diagnosis – Notification – OIE – Pig – Poultry – Terrestrial Animal Health Code – Wild bird – World Organisation for Animal Health – World Trade Organization.

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