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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Cost-effectiveness analysis: adding value to assessment of animal health, welfare and production

Author(s) : S. Babo Martins & J. Rushton

Summary :

No. 22012014-00025-EN

Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) has been extensively used in economic assessments in fields related to animal health, namely in human health where it provides a decision-making framework for choices about the allocation of healthcare resources. Conversely, in animal health, cost-benefit analysis has been the preferred tool for economic analysis. In this paper, the use of CEA in related areas and the role of this technique in assessments of animal health, welfare and production are reviewed. Cost-effectiveness analysis can add further value to these assessments, particularly in programmes targeting animal welfare or animal diseases with an impact on human health, where outcomes are best valued in natural effects rather than in monetary units. Importantly, CEA can be performed during programme implementation stages to assess alternative courses of action in real time.

Animal health – Animal welfare – Cost-benefit analysis – Cost-effectiveness analysis – Economic assessment.

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