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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Control of canine rabies in developing countries: key features and animal welfare implications

Author(s) : N. Aréchiga Ceballos, D. Karunaratna & A. Aguilar Setién

Summary :

Over 90% of human deaths from rabies worldwide are caused by dog bites. Mass vaccination, along with the effective control of dog populations, has been used successfully in industrialised countries to control this disease. A lower success rate in developing countries is due to a number of factors, including vaccination campaigns that do not cover a sufficient number of animals or reach all communities, and a wide biodiversity that increases the number of reservoirs of the rabies virus. Educational programmes are needed, which focus on the commitment involved when acquiring a domestic animal, stating clearly what is required to provide it with a good quality of life. New technologies developed in the industrialised world will not always be successful in less developed countries.

Animal welfare – Canine – Canine rabies – Developing country – Dogs – Rabies – Vaccination.

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