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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Carmyerius marchandi, a new species of trematode (Gastrothylacidae), a parasite of cattle in Senegal

Author(s) : M.T. Seck & C.T. Ba

Summary :

Carmyerius marchandi n. sp., a new species of trematode (Paramphistomoidea, Gastrothylacidae), has been described in Senegal. It has an average length of 13 ± 1 mm and an average diameter of 3 ± 0.4 mm. The brood pouch, bearing muscular invaginations and a ventrolateral swelling, makes up two thirds of the body length. There is a Carmyerius-type acetabulum. The ratio between the diameter of the acetabulum and body length is 1:7.4. The trematode has a Gastrothylax-type pharynx. The ratio between pharynx length and body length is 1:13.3. The ratio between pharynx length and acetabulum diameter is 1:1.8. The caeca extend beyond the mid section of the parasite. The lobed testicles are in a lateroposterior position. The ovary is situated between the two testicles and the uterus is in a mediodorsal position. The vitelline glands take up a large area in the ventrolateral swelling of the brood pouch. The small genital atrium is of the elongatus type. Using scanning electron microscopy, the parasite’s body shows transverse ridging and tegumentary papillae around the oral aperture, genital pore and acetabulum. All of these characteristics indicate that this Gastrothylacidae belongs to the Carmyerius genus. To judge by the other species in the genus previously described, this appears to be a new species. We suggest that it should be named C. marchandi n. sp., as a token of gratitude to Professor Bernard Marchand.

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