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Swine vesicular disease surveillance and eradication activities in Italy

Author(s) : S. Bellini, U. Santucci, G. Zanardi, E. Brocchi & R. Marabelli

Summary :

Swine vesicular disease (SVD) was first observed in Italy in 1966, and was initially diagnosed as foot and mouth disease (FMD). The causative agent of SVD was classified as an Enterovirus within the family Picornaviridae. It was included in the list of diseases notifiable to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) because of the similarity of its lesions to those produced by FMD; however SVD is often mild in nature and may infect pigs subclinically. During the last decade SVD has been persistently reported in Italy, and surveillance and eradication activities are in place. The central and northern parts of Italy have been designated SVD free since 1997, while the southern regions have not achieved disease-free status. However, occasional outbreaks of SVD have occurred in central and northern Italy and have been eradicated using rigorous control measures. Most recent SVD outbreaks in Italy have been subclinical; SVD can rarely be diagnosed now on the basis of clinical signs and it is necessary to use laboratory diagnosis. This paper examines the epidemiology of SVD in Italy, and considers the measures adopted in Europe for SVD control on the basis of current knowledge of the disease.

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